Bathtub replacement in compare to bathtub refinishing / reglazing is difficult, costly and time consuming. This process requires hiring a professional tile setter, a plumber and an electrician. The bathtub refinishing / reglazing / resurfacing that is what you need if you would like to save your money, time and mess !


The "FIVE STARS"  Refinishing Company offers limited 5-years warranty for all refinishing / re-glazing / restoration  works. We're local Chicago company (family owned and operated) that is fully insured, licensed and bonded. We appreciate each customer. Good reputation and no complaints are our main purposes !


We appreciate our customers that's why all experts / technicians have finished professional bathtub refinishing (re-glazing) training! We use only highest quality materials available: polyurethane finish by Napco,Ltd and a true epoxy finish by M&A Int.,Corp and offer top-level restoration / repair service every day !

You can find just two professional ways how to get your bathtub refinished: spraying and pouring ! ! ! We're still using both methods because each one has some limitations. 95% of tubs (cast iron, steel and fiberglass bathtubs) we do pouring (liquid tub liner) and just 5% of tubs (Jacuzzi ) or surrounding tiles (wall panels) we do spraying. Here are some facts that can help you to make a right decision:


  • easy to apply, excellent result, mirror gloss finish
  • no fumes, no odor, no dust at all, eco friendly
  • high durability, estimated lifetime is 15 years
  • one thick coat (1/16''), bathtub leveling option
  • anti rust protection
  • color options: standard off-white
  • dry time 24hr
  • caulking is not required

450 $


  • difficult to apply, gloss finish
  • a lot of smell and dust (overspray), toxic
  • low durability, estimated life time 2-7 years
  • 3-5 thin coats ( total 1/32'')
  • not effective against rust 
  • color options: any color you wanted
  • quick dry time 2-4hr
  • caulking (silicone) is required

350 $

Please watch these videos posted below and you'll find out what's the difference between spraying and pouring, what's the finish we use, how durable is the finish, how long does it take to refinish a tub or sink and how to restore an old fashioned claw foot bathtub using new technology of refinishing

Our Refinishing / Reglazing / Resurfacing / Repair Services:

  • Bathtub, Shower base and Sink repair and refinishing (reglazing / resurfacing)
  • Claw foot tub and Jacuzzi (customs jetted) bathtub repair and refinishing (reglazing / resurfacing)
  • Ceramic Tile refinishing / reglazing
  • Surrounding Tile cleaning and regrouting
  • Scratches and chips repair with high performance bathtub repair product
  • Fiberglass (plastic) bathtub repair
  • Drain restoration, replacement or Decorative drain cover installation

Our company offers a free of charge on-site estimates. It's strongly recommended if you'd like to refinish / reglaze / repair clawfoot tubs, jacuzzis, fiberglass shower bases, surrounding tiles or some specific (old fashioned) bathroom and kitchen sinks. For a regular size (standard) bathtub it is not necessary, but if you think "there is something not standard" - please set an appointment immediately. Usually we provide estimates next day or any day you wanted. We can bring with and show you the samples (you can touch it and compare liquid tub liner to polyurethane finish and an original surface).  It can save your money and time.

Does bathtub refinishing work? It is important to hire the right professional. This is not a DIY project. Chemicals used to harden the finish can prove injurious. Skill is required to lay down a smooth finish. Even factors such as indoor humidity and the texture of your bathtub can influence whether the coating adheres. A seasoned pro will have worked past problems associated with these issues. The skill of the practitioner is more important than the products used. There are many fine suppliers of refinishing materials.

Bathtub refinishing is a tricky business, so make sure you check references. Refinishers can be found by doing an internet search on terms like “bathtub refinishers” or “tub reglazing”. It is best to avoid companies that send out technicians. Some firms will hire employees and train them for only a couple of weeks before sending them into the field. It takes several years to perfect the trade. The refinisher you want is the one who has been doing the work himself for at least five years.

Expect to pay between $300-$400.00 to have your tub reglazed. Pricing may vary based on the size of the market in which you live. Most refinishers are offering a five year warranty.

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