Bathtub replacement in compare to bathtub refinishing / reglazing is difficult, costly and time consuming. This process requires hiring a professional tile setter, a plumber and an electrician. The bathtub refinishing / reglazing / resurfacing that is what you need if you would like to save your money, time and mess ! ! !


We appreciate our customers, that is why all experts / technician have finished professional Bathtub refinishing (reglazing) training! We use only highest quality materials available: polyurethane finish by Napco,Ltd and true epoxy finish by Intstate,Corp and offer top-level restoration / repair service every day ! ! !


The FIVE STAR REMODELING Company offers limited 5-years warranty for all refinishing / reglazing / restoration (*) works. We are local Chicago company (family owned and operated business) that is fully insured, licensed and bonded. We appreciate each customer. Good reputation and no complaints are our main purpose ! ! !

New generation of finishes (bathtubs, clawfoot tubs, sinks, countertops) - Reglazing / Restoration services in Chicago




You can find just two professional ways how to refinish a bathtub: spraying and pouring ! ! ! We're still using both ways because each method has limitations. 95% of tubs (cast iron, steel and fiberglass bathtubs) we do pouring (liquid tub liner) and just 5% of tubs (jacuzzi ) or surrounding tiles (wall panels) we do spraying. Here are some facts that can help you to make a right decision.

  • easy to apply, always excellent result, mirror gloss finish
  • no smell, no fumes, no odor, no dust at all, eco friendly
  • high durability, estimated life time 10-15 years
  • one thick coat (1/16''), tub leveling option
  • anti rust protection (does not allow rust coming through)
  • color options: just standard white
  • dry time 24hr
  • caulking is not required
  • difficult to apply (up to refinisher experience), gloss finish
  • a lot of smell and dust (overspray), toxic
  • low durability, estimated life time 2-7 years
  • 3-5 thin coats ( total 1/32'')
  • not effective against rust (especially around the drain area)
  • color options: any color you wanted
  • quick dry time 2-4hr
  • caulking around (silicone) is required

450$ ( get 100$ off until 2/14/2015)


Our Refinishing / Reglazing / Resurfacing / Repair Services:

  • Bathtub, Shower base and Sink repair and refinishing (reglazing / resurfacing)
  • Claw foot tub and Jacuzzi (customs jetted) bathtub repair and refinishing (reglazing / resurfacing)
  • Ceramic Tile refinishing / reglazing
  • Surrounding Tile cleaning and regrouting
  • Scratches and chips repair with high performance bathtub repair product
  • Fiberglass (plastic) bathtub repair
  • Drain restoration, replacement or Decorative drain cover installation.
Affordable, Reliable and Professional Bathtub Refinishing / Reglazing  in Chicago

Bathtub Refinishing / Bathtub Reglazing / Bathtub Repair

Our company offers a free of charge on-site estimates. It's strongly recommended if you would like to refinish / reglaze / repair clawfoot tubs, jacuzzis, fiberglass shower bases, surrounding tiles or some specific (old fashioned) bathroom and kitchen sinks. For a regular size (standard) bathtub it is not necessary, but if you think "there is something not standard" - please set an appointment immediately. Usually we provide estimates next day or any day you wanted. It can save your money and time.