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Bathtub replacing is difficult, costly and time consuming. This process requires hiring a professional tile setter, a plumber and an electrician. The bathtub refinishing / reglazing / resurfacing that is what you need if you would like save your money, time and mess ! ! !

We appreciate our customers, that is why all experts working for our company have finished professional Bathtub Refinishing / Reglazing / Resurfacing training! We use the highest quality epoxy or acrylic material available and offer top-level service every day ! ! !

The Bathtub  Refinishing  Company (Five Strars Construction) offers extended  5-year warranty for all refinishing / reglazing / resurfacing (*) works. We appreciate each customer. Good reputation and no complains are our main purposes ! ! !

Affordable, Reliable and Professional Bathtub Refinishing / Reglazing  in Chicago

  Our Refinishing / Reglazing / Resurfacing Services:


  • Bathtub, Shower base and Sink refinishing (reglazing / resurfacing)
  • Clawfoot and Jakuzzi bathtub refinishing (reglazing / resurfacing)
  • Ceramic Tile refinishing / reglazing
  • Surrounding tile cleaning and regrauting
  • Scratches and chips repair with high performance bathtub repair product
  • Fiberglass (plastic) bathtub repair
  • rain restoration, replacement or Decorative drain cover instalation.

 Bathtub Refinishing Process - 9 steps:

  1. Remove Caulking
  2. Clean and Scrape Surface
  3. Etching the Surface
  4. Fill Chips or Defects, and Sand the Tub Smooth
  5. Masking and Taping
  6. Final Prepparation to Refinihsing
  7. Primer and Reglazing
  8. Self – Drying
  9. Enjoy your brand-new bathtub  

Bathtub Refinishing / Bathtub Reglazing / Bathtub Resurfacing

Don't Replace - Refinish (Reglaze) and Save!